I ask this purely out of curiosity, since my book is not ready to get published in any way at all. I'm not sure, so I thought I'd ask just to see...though I'm veering toward this being NA (new adult as opposed to young adult). This might or might not belong in the YA forum, but I doubted it. Should it belong anywhere else, please move it, Mods!

Here's a bit of the set-up: We have two MCs, one female (17) and one male (19). As for the FMC, the readers will see her progress at developing a power which she already knew she had but had not practiced using much before, as well as learning to trust the MMC; school is only ever mentioned briefly, and outside a developing crush that involves her, there's not much romantic subtext.
The MMC causes less of my curiosity--he lives a bit like I guess a single male adult would: works, goes home, reads, sleep, repeats...until he meets the FMC, of course. There's no coming-of-age with his side of the story.

A majority of the story takes place in a train car.
I hope that's enough information.

So I just wanted to ask...would this novel be considered NA or YA?