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Old Hack - I am still confused about what you are trying to say. I want to get in. Of course. I want to show them what they want.
I think this is the pertinent part of her response:

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So send in samples of your work which most pleases you; work which is closest in tone and style and subject matter to the area in which you want to work. Don't send in samples which match what you think the University wants to see. It might make you more likely to be accepted: but it won't necessarily get you what you want out of that very expensive course.
You don't have enough information to be able to determine specifically what they want, and in any case, the point of the sample is not to send what they want but to show what you can do.

The sample is used to determine that you have the basic skills and ability, and that there is reason to believe that you would benefit from the program.

Pick writing that you think is your best, that fits their criteria, and that shows what you're capable of writing.