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Thread: The Un-Valentine's Day Challenge

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    Okay, Harry, time to scoot over. . .

    Hey, Haiku person is kicking butt and that ain't no surprise! Come see! There's an eclectic assortment of twisted Valentine goodness just waiting for you, so take you pick -- There's an Asshole Jar, a wink and a kink, Cupie Boopie, el cheapo gifto (it's the thought that counts!), Hideous Beastie and True Love Tex, Miguel the Venereologist, sweet love poison, Jim Good's crotch and one really long-ass turd.

    I hope I didn't forget anybody!!! If I did, a pox on. . .


    Enjoy, and don't forget to do your civic doody!
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    From SOULLESS:
    Jeffrey Jones reached over and patted Eric’s knee, then stood up. “I’m leaving on a little trip tomorrow but I’ll be back Friday. Perhaps Saturday . . . would you need a ride?”
    “I can walk if it’s not too far,” Eric said.
    “Don’t be silly, Eric. I’ll pick you up.”
    No way. “No, really,” Eric said. “I like to walk. What’s your address?” He glanced at Sammy fast but Sammy wasn’t looking at him.
    “About a mile past Corkey’s. Private road, no name. I’m sure you’ll find it okay,” he said. “Look at those two. The gall of some people.”
    Eric looked again, right when Sammy was popping Jeffrey Jones the finger.
    “Lordy lord,” the man said. “Somebody really needs to teach that boy some manners.”

    /kk's blog/

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