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Thread: The Un-Valentine's Day Challenge

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    Okay, Harry, time to scoot over. . .

    Hey, Haiku person is kicking butt and that ain't no surprise! Come see! There's an eclectic assortment of twisted Valentine goodness just waiting for you, so take you pick -- There's an Asshole Jar, a wink and a kink, Cupie Boopie, el cheapo gifto (it's the thought that counts!), Hideous Beastie and True Love Tex, Miguel the Venereologist, sweet love poison, Jim Good's crotch and one really long-ass turd.

    I hope I didn't forget anybody!!! If I did, a pox on. . .


    Enjoy, and don't forget to do your civic doody!
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    I want to scream, I canít scream but somehow he hears me scream because now heís screaming at me: Shut up, SHUT UPó
    What a f*cking nightmare.
    Anyways, that was last night and here I am again, eyes wide open, staring into black. Itís after two and I havenít been to sleep yet because the truth is, Iím too scared to fall asleep. Iím a grown man: this is so f*cking stupid. But hell, after what I did, I guess it serves me right.
    I bet thatís what sheíd say to me: After what you did, Daniel Simmons, it serves you right to be having nightmares about me.
    I know it does. I canít believe it never happened before this.
    Sheíd say: Well, Iím glad youíre scared shitless. You deserve to be scared shitless.
    I know, Olive. Tell me something I donít know.

    /kk's blog/

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