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Thread: The Un-Valentine's Day Challenge

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    Okay, Harry, time to scoot over. . .

    Hey, Haiku person is kicking butt and that ain't no surprise! Come see! There's an eclectic assortment of twisted Valentine goodness just waiting for you, so take you pick -- There's an Asshole Jar, a wink and a kink, Cupie Boopie, el cheapo gifto (it's the thought that counts!), Hideous Beastie and True Love Tex, Miguel the Venereologist, sweet love poison, Jim Good's crotch and one really long-ass turd.

    I hope I didn't forget anybody!!! If I did, a pox on. . .


    Enjoy, and don't forget to do your civic doody!
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    Mom comes home from the hospital and we all go back to normal.
    Whatís normal?
    Normalís Mom drinking like a stupid fish īcause Jerkface makes her quit the Silver Bell.
    Normalís me and Albert searching everywhere for that damn pouch and finding diddly effiní squat.
    Normalís Albert laying on his stomach drawing black lines all jaggedy.
    Normalís Jerkface working, drinking beer and playing with his gun.
    Normalís me thinking up ways to kill that fucker. I stab him in the back with scissors then I shove a washcloth down his throat and watch him choke on it then I hold his head under water Ďtil he drowns then I bash his brains in with Assholeís bong then I shoot him with that Glock.
    Then I shoot him again.

    /kk's blog on temporary hiatus/

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