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What seasonings are good on zucchini? Last night I baked some. I put a little olive oil on them then sea salt and oregano since it was out for my main dish. I didn't care for the oregano on it.
If you baked the zucchini by itself with no bread, cheese, or tomatoes I'm not sure any spices could make that taste good. Unless you like spicy foods, then you might try horseradish or dijon or jalapeno or chipotle. Maybe A1, that can overwhelm anything and it's not as spicy as the others. I've had thousand island dressing on zucchinis and that was good but it was in a sandwich with bread and tomatoes and cheese, so I dunno about by itself. I had a white wine, tarragon, and dijon cream sauce one time that was good over other bland veggies and pasta, so it might work well with zucchini. But zucchini are bland by themselves, they're just better paired with something flavorful that has a little mass of its own to alternate with the zucchini. Plain zucchini is kind of like pasta, would you serve pasta with just olive oil and spices? If so, try the spices you would use for that.