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Thread: Construction applications and permits

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    Construction applications and permits

    I have a character (let's call him Mr. X) building a club in NYC. I need him to have a problem during construction that slows him down a little--maybe 2-3 weeks. I'm thinking he's got a Fire and Building Code problem that needs to be fixed to get his Place of Assembly permit. I'm on the NYC Buildings website and I think I get what I can do, but I'm hoping someone with construction/design experience can verify these things for me. Thanks!

    1. Mr. X finds the appropriate property, has an architect draw up plans that comply with the Fire and Building Code requirements and that allows Mr. X to get a Certifcate of Occupancy. Now he can start work.
    2. Construction company comes in and does said work. Interior designers come in and do some of their own things.
    3. Before club can open, an inspector must come in and make sure the club is according to plans and there are no safety violations.
    4. Inspector finds problem and denies Mr. X his Place of Assembly permit (this permit comes at the end, after everything is done and the inspection made, right?).
    5. Now, who is to blame for said problems (for now, let's say some small partitions were put up and/or seating changed a bit that effected emergency egress)? Does the architect stay with the project the whole time, so he should have overseen deviations by the construction crew? Or what if these were free-standing partitiions put in by the interior designers--who should have been overseeing what they did (not sure if they would ever do something like this)?

    This whole bit is rather short in the book--maybe a paragraph or two. I just need Mr. X to be mad his plans are delayed (and be distracted by an afternoon at the NYC Buildings office) and have someone to blame. Then he can fix the issues and move on.
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