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Thread: Hi!New girl here!!!

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    Hi!New girl here!!!

    Hi!!. Well,what can I say about myself?My name is Amanda Ashley and I'm your resident surfer-girl and beach bum. I'm from Northern Florida more especifically from Panama City Beach,home of the Spring Break Capital of the USA. I'm 23 and I live with my parents and my two sisters who are 17 and 13, my new twin little sisters who are 2 years old (awww <3333) and sister who is a 1 year old and one month little sister. And I live right on the beach of PCB,from the balcony in my room you can see the sea,it such pretty sight.I attended an all-girl school from K to 12,because my parents dont believe in co-education until college.I have crazy Pa,who I adore dearly but he tries to scare every boy that comes to pick me up with a fake skeleton that he has out back and also he has gotten into the habit of humming Rodney Atkins - Cleaning this gun (Come in Boy), but he dont mean no harm.My Ma,I'm extremely closed to and I loved her alot, she is one of my bestfriends, I can confide to her anything I want, I know she will never tell.And my two sisters,I love them with all I got, I will do anything for them, whatever is that they want. The same goes for my new little twin sistas and baby sisters, they are center of my world.

    When I was younger since both of my parents kind of lazy when it comes to punishing us, they had cookie jar with pieces of paper inside where we would put the hand inside and pick piece of paper and that was our punishment.And now they used it on my sisters,not me. I used to play Lacrosse and Cheer when I was highschool, I was 4 year varsity for both lacrosse and cheerleader and captain for cheerleader since my freshie year and lacrosse since my sophomore year. Now,I play lacrosse sporadically and cheer every once in a while with my middle sis but now, I play beach volleyball which is awesome..I study at local University, where I study Maritime Studies, yeah I dive for college major; its sweet. Oh yeah, I forgot I have obsessions for purses,Roxy clothes and accesories, heels and flip-flops. And I love Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Prada, Fendi, Victoria Secret and American Eagle.Also, I don't wear shoes as much, I'm almost always in flip-flops since they are so comfy. My 4 loves are besides my family are my four Pink camo ATVs, my female boxer named Roxy who is 2 year old and my female German Shephard named Rori who is 3 year old . Oh Yeah, I forgot I'm extremely proud of my Southern Heritage, I'm a G.R.I.T.S(Girl raised in the South) and proud of it!So anything else,you want know you can ask I'm an open book.
    Music that I love:
    Bob Marley
    any rap group really
    We The Kings
    Scaring Kids Scaring Kids
    Kenny Chesney
    Darius Rucker
    Jimmy Buffett
    Panic at the Disco
    My Chemical Romance
    The Chemical Brothers
    Daft Punk
    The Crystal Method
    Dolly Parton
    Rodney Atkins
    Alan Jackson
    Macy's Playground
    Coal Chamber
    Bon Jovi
    Motley Crue
    John Denver
    Miley Cyrus
    Jonas Brothers
    Amy Whinehouse
    Slightly Stoopid
    Sugar Ray
    Toby Keith
    Steve Earle
    Trent Tomlinson
    Dierks Bentley
    Eric Church
    Van Halen
    Green Day
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    Taylor Swift
    Kelly Pickler
    New Found Glory
    All Time Low
    Scary Kids Scarying Kids
    Fall Out Boys
    All American Rejects
    and many more

    BTW: Support your local bands and music scene!!
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