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Thread: Editing accepted story for publication

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    Editing accepted story for publication

    My short got accepted by a literary journal awhile back. I've just received the galleys for copy editing.
    Some small and some major changes have been indicated through comments. However some changes have been done and not marked as comments. I would like to revert a few to the original. Should I do so and how? What is accepted protocol?

    Also I can see some a couple of errors in punctuation, likely remaining as mistakes. How do I rectify these?

    Please note this is all electronic, hence there is no pen and paper used. I am afraid if I do any changes by inserting my comments I'll disturb the order of comments done by the journal's editorial staff. These comments are for me to approve. It appears to me that since the other changes are not marked as comments, they have been finalised by the journal. Am I correct in my assumption?

    What do I do in this situation since this will be my first published short?

    Can anyone give me a pointer where I may find relevant guidelines?
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