Hello everyone,I'm new here,just found out about this awesome site in my pursuit for information regarding a novel I've just finished(after 6 years,yeah I know,but I had my studies to focus on) and I've seem to have come across a problem.
First of all,I can't even place my novel in a cathegory as it is a psychological fictional thriller(the fiction part barely noticeable,but still).The second problem is that my MC does not believe in God,and he constantly reminds everyone else of what little he cares about all religions.Could this be a problem?Is it considered offensive?Furthermore the MC tends to...kill in gruesome ways,even scenes including children,pregnant women,and so forth.Is that offensive?Come to think of it,the MC permanently questions,to say the least everything around him,from society to ethics,could that be considered ofensive?The fact that he instigates to violence?I dearly hope that someone could enlighten me.Thank you and I must say absolutewrite is the bomb :P