One of my MC's is an ICU from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. I think his injury is, of course, very serious but after extensive therapy he's going to do fairly well.

I've done research on gunshot wounds to the head, so I feel I've got a handle on the long term recovery. But what I need help with is the details of care in an ICU. I want the details to be pretty accurate, but I know each patient is different. So generally speaking...

1. Would a 17-year-old with a wound like this be admitted into general ICU or pediatric ICU?

2. He's unconscious for about 2 months. I know that after about two weeks patients are moved from a breathing tube to tracheotomy. What's a realistic time for him to come off the trach after waking?

3. I know people who've had a trach removed have a hoarse voice for some time after. But would someone who's been unconscious so long be able to talk (generally speaking, not taking into account the brain injury)?

3. If he's receiving OT, when would he be able to eat?

4. Again speaking generally, how long would a patient like this be in the hospital before being moved to a rehab facility?

Thanks for helping!