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Thread: I need help for board game rulebook syntax check

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    I need help for board game rulebook syntax check

    Hi my Friends,

    I'm game board designer.

    Now I'm working on "Warlike" card game rulebook.

    Rules of the game have been completed and 14 pages long,
    but I need someone to look at the these rules.
    maybe still syntax and grammar mistakes left.

    I would be extremely grateful!

    Sure you will mention in game rulebook

    gamewarlike @

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    Wicked chicken AW Moderator evilrooster's Avatar
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    I've moved your post to Nonpaying Markets, to which it's more suited.
    An excerpt from Bigglethwaite & Windemere's Manual of Proper and Exquisite English on the Capitalisation of Historical Events.

    The capitalisation of historical terms is a matter of concern to many writers. The rule, though simple, requires and reveals the writer's judgment, opinions, and preconceptions, and should be applied with care:

    1. Matters of absolute importance should be capitalised.
    2. Matters of no wider historical import should have only their proper nouns capitalised.
    3. Matters which the author not only considers insignificant, but wishes had never occurred, should have all words rendered in lower-case.
    4. If the writer looks upon history as a kind of fantastical territory, and wishes to assert either that it is wildly unlikely or highly distorted, all matters that can be considered nouns of any sort should be capitalised

    B&W 2:14

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    practical experience, FTW bladestalker's Avatar
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    BC Canada
    I have lots of experience in the RPG and Wargame market and would be willing to look at your rulebook. Drop me an email @ and I'll look it over.



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