There are several points in my MS where my POV character is looking away from the action, and I'm trying to avoid filtering as they turn to look at it.

What I've been doing is having the character face the action in one sentence, then describing the action in the next sentence.


The door shattered, sending shards of glass everywhere. An alarm blared inside the store.
Corey faced the cheering mob and bowed.
Annette pointed behind Corey and yelled at her to duck.
Corey bent her knees and lowered her head. A whoosh of air went over her. She scurried forward a few steps and turned around to see what had happened.
A man wielding a baseball bat stood in the opening to the store with a look of determination in his eyes. “Looters, go home.”
Before I litter yet another rewrite with filtering, does this seem like a good way to handle this?

Thanks for any advice.