We are looking for a beta reader (or two) for a Regency romance novella (~18k words). We are particularly interested in British/English readers who can assess the story from the perspective of British readers and check for inaccuracies in the author's representation of British culture, manners, etc. She is American after all.

We are happy to trade critiques of other work in romance, scifi, fantasy, or mystery genres.

Below is a brief blurb of the book, titled LOVE IS BLIND.


A rakeís cruel prank leaves the blind Olivia Blake ripe for humiliation on a ballroom dance floor. Then an even more notorious rake sweeps her into his arms. Soon she is seduced by the charm of Adrian Calwell, the scandal-chased Baron of Norbury.

Adrianís only goal in rescuing Olivia was to thwart his rivalís heartless trick. But he finds that Olivia is well worth rescuing, and Adrian is eager to put his life as a rake behind him. But life and society conspire against the unlikely couple. Can Adrian rise above his sordid past to win Olivia's love?

Set against the backdrop of regency London, LOVE IS BLIND is a sweet and surprising novella that proves innocence and experience can be a perfect match.