Hi all,

So I have this SNI banging around and while it's still subject to change, the central conflict revolves around a conspiracy involving an extremely elite group within the government (if you've seen the X-Files, think the Syndicate). It's also set in the future. Now, while this future society is hardly ideal, it's miles off something like The Hunger Games or other YA dystopias in that the majority of the population live perfectly normal lives and the vast majority of the government aren't out to do much harm.

This powerful group's goals are ultimately against the government as a whole, yet they are, technically, part of the government. I don't think that this would be classed as dystopian by classic definitions but a lot tends to be shoved into this category these days and I'm thinking this might be due to the fact that it's set in a future society and a group within the government is the primary antagonist.

I think of it as (light) sci-fi as it involves behavioural engineering/experiments but I'm still unsure. I know I shouldn't get hung up on genres right now but I'd like to know what direction I'm going in while this is all still fairly flexible because I'd rather steer it away from the dystopian angle if possible. Would this fall into the dystopian sub-genre?

Hope this made some kind of sense!