I have noticed something in my writing that I'm not sure is common or the best. So I thought I'd ask.

There are times when I write a dialogue sentence, an action, a dialogue sentence, another action, and another dialogue sentence.

Like this:

"Really? You think so?" Lisa spun, holding her skirt. "I hoped it looked okay." She looked at the ground and blushed. "I bought it just for tonight."

That is how I have been writing some of my paragraphs. In the books I have read it seems it is most common to have the action in the middle of the paragraph and any dialogue in the start and/or end of the paragraph.
Would paragraphs switching back and forth from dialogue and action be confusing to the reader? Or is it okay to use as long as I try to make sure my sentence-types sound different? Perhaps a third option is I am worrying for nothing...?

Thanks for any help!