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Thread: Approaching an agent with a different genre

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    Approaching an agent with a different genre

    This is a ways off for me, as you can see from my sig, but I'm curious as to how others would approach this.

    Last year a well respected and very experienced agent contacted me via my blog to ask if I had any plans to write a memoir (they're hugely popular in Australia at the moment), and that if I ever did, she'd love to read a few chapters. I was thrilled to hear from her, but although I like reading memoir I'm not planning to write one of my own.

    My fiction WIP is very much around the same subject matter as my blog. Obviously it's a long way from completed, but when/if it comes time to query it, this agent is one I would have approached anyway due to her reputation and expertise.

    Being that she's shown an interest in my work already, but in a different genre, and we've had a few minor connections since then (tweeting and LinkedIn, mostly), how would I query her? "I didn't write the stuff you asked about, but I did do THIS and it's not that dissimilar." or start as though we don't have an existing relationship?

    Edit: Sorry, I should have mentioned that she does represent the genre I'm writing in, it's just not the same as the original reason she approached me.
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