Hi there,
I am from germany so my english is not perfect but I have friends from USA and Australia who help me in translating my stories.

I am also writing children stories. But my stories are very short and the books are combined with great illustrations so my young children (4 and 7 years old) will have a wonderful magic book.

To write a story is one step but to illustrate this story with perfect drawings is totally different. I am lucky because I have great illustrators who will help me illustrating my stories.

Now we plan to open this idea to everyone. What do you think if there is a web platform for authors who can send their stories and their ideas to and the illustrators will finish a fantastic ebook with illustrations, sounds and animations for free?

Instead of paying thousand or hundreds of dollars for an illustrator and programming the ebook the author and the illustrator will share the money of the sold ebooks. The only thing the author has to do is to send his story and tell everyone when the book is finished.

Would be great to discuss this and what is important for other authors who want to create wonderful children ebooks too.