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Thread: Alarming suicide rate among Veterans and active duty Military

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    Alarming suicide rate among Veterans and active duty Military

    I went to dinner last night at a friend's house. This man's company works closely with certain government agencies. He said he didn't understand why the news media wasn't talking about the suicides happening and how out of control it was when 25 military and veterans are killing themselves a day. He had asked if the information was classified, and was told it wasn't. It is publicly available.

    I had caught some of the stories about suicides, and occasionally a suicide gets its own story. Being a veteran, I am aware of the hotline set up to try to help veterans who are suicidal. But I was shocked at the numbers being presented to me last night during our dinner conversation.

    Why isn't it being reported more? Why isn't the news media as concerned about these people who are dying in mass every single day as they are the shootings that are happening in the civilian world? Yes, the Connecticut shooting was horrible. The New York fire and ambush was horrible. But the day the Connecticut school massacre happened, at least 25 other people died as well. And I didn't see any stories about it. Why not?

    A Veteran Commits Suicide Every 80 Minutes

    Army, Navy suicides at record high
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