This company was brought to my attention about a month ago, and I was keeping an eye on them. At the time, I had nothing more to go on than their lack of proper punctuation and grammar.

Since then, the situation has blown up a little.

A "rant" was posted by one of the owners on a facebook writing group, claiming their intent to revolutionise the industry, and make traditional publishers sit up and take notice, make them stop "twiddling their thumbs."

A few of us noticed an awful lot of grammar and punctuation errors in his short post, and pointed out that people might be a little sceptical of a publisher who can't use possessive apostrophes or full stops correctly.

They explained that they had "the best editor's[sic] in the business" on staff, and that their products would speak for themselves. This prompted us to ask a) "What are your qualifications?" and b) "How do you test your editors?"

In response to these rather standard questions, we were told that they would "not put up with your threats" and that we had "been warned."

There was a lot of back and forth, in which our questions were called "silly" and "irrelevant" and we were told how boring we were for not dropping the questions. Eventually this ended when one of the owners asked a friend of mine if he would like his number, so they could have a real chat. They spoke, and the situation was smoothed over, to a point.

Along the way, we were told by one of the owners that they covered editing expenses, and by the other that the author had to pay those costs. And since the arguing stopped, I discovered that these editors who they claimed were "the best in the business" are non-existent. They don't have ANY editors on staff at the moment, unless you count Mike, one of the owners, who doesn't seem to have much of a grasp of grammar either.

I now believe that Carl might just not have an idea of how it all works, and how unskilled he is, and that Mike might be trying to take him for a ride, as well as the young authors they seem so intent on signing.

Oh, and they have links to a racist site on facebook...

Waiting for the next blow up, but the facebook page and the website certainly DO speak for themselves.