I do set goals. No, really, I do. I just never achieve them. Thanks to this forum, I re-set the 500 words a day goal for each month. Seems like a very obtainable goal. Getting close to the end of the month and once again, I fell way short. My hats off to y'all who meet the challenge and exceed it. I did receive my pre-press galley proof for The Devil's Blues (due out Feb 5th), which didn't require writing words, just correcting a few. AND, I did manage to add 1600 words yesterday to my WIP and added a blog post last week. Today, I'm awaiting the arrival of my two darling granddaughters, whose mother will be in Chicago the rest of the week, so my daily word count will be stymied once again. Oh well, just wait until next month and watch me knock 'em out.