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So I'm exploiting my pseudo authority, to note:

1. Y'all are a really fabulous bunch of people. I love how you help each other, I love how you love the written word, and, most of all, I love how you all love books.

So tell me: What did you love in 2012? What books/stories/texts/Websites/places/whatevs really made you happy and glad to be alive? (Me, I'm really happy about Jo Walton's Among Others.

2. What places/organizations/charities do you really like and want to support? Personally, I'm looking really hard at Kiva.org and Planned Parenthood, and Reading Tree.

Have a fabulous 2013. You guys are amazing.
I found a new author for Romance/YA: Kelley Vitollo/Nyrae Dawn. I will always devour Stephen King and Kay Hooper (Bishop Files series). I am a sucker for paranormal!

I support local animal shelters. Good people searching for good homes for animals. I have volunteered and even adopted. One of the most spoiled rotten animals I have ever owned!