January Mystery Agent Contest Details!!!

Hello, all!!! You may or may not know that tomorrow is our January Mystery Agent Contest. For that reason, I'm here to provide a few details about what our Mystery Agent is and isn't looking for.

So. Here's what our Mystery Agent wants:

Adult & YA fiction
-soft science fiction
-all subgenres of the aforementioned 3 genres
-gritty, dark narratives
-contemporary YA
(lighthearted, funny, and moving with a raw, authentic teen voice)
-stories with strong characters, smart-mouthed dialogue, and strong plots that balance romance and action

Our Mystery Agent doesn't want the following:

-business books
-picture books
-religious/spiritual books
-self-help books
-travel books
-short stories

So there you go! If you have what our MA is looking for, then stop by tomorrow with your one-line pitch!