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In their original Dire forms, these Evil Queen/Stepmother tales were political in nature. Baba Yaga morphed from Her original wisdom teaching tales into the hag who eats children in the woods.

Women were meant to understand via these rewrites that their autonomy was an affront to men's divine appointment as the boss of everything. Regardless of ability.

Disney's evil queen portrayals play into all the modernized stereotypes (even Jafar has been drawn to echo the type):

nature = bad

dark woman = bad

sexy woman = bad

old woman = bad

smart, capable, independent = bad, bad, bad

The one archetype remaining for young girls and women to aspire to is the (innocent, ignorant, acquiesing) virgin. Culturally, once a woman has been given over to the ownership of a man, her public life is essentially over ("happily ever after").
One reason I really don't like the "traditional" Disney princesses. Swooning and mooning waiting for their prince to rescue them.


I prefer Mulan. She didn't need anyone to save her, she rode out and saved China.

We need new writers.
We're here, we just need to be heard.