This was a kinda-crazy idea I had, so I should throw it past some people...

I heard about character trading cards in romance writer circles. They're like baseball cards, but for story characters. Nice art, trading card size, etc.

But they involve printing costs, of course, and getting them to the readers. I'm on a super tight budget and I haven't gotten to many conventions to give cards out. So I was thinking about how to offer them electronically and I just didn't see any reason to limit myself to a little card if it was going to be a JPG.

So, character wallpapers. I commissioned these character portraits along with my cover art for Disciple, Part I and I was looking for something fun to do with them.

Currently, these are 4:3 for desktop and laptop screens, space left on both sides for Mac or PC icons. I'll make up a 4:3 vertical set for phones/iPads/etc., too.

Links -- these are to the full-size papers:

Thoughts? Design crits?