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Thread: Bahasa Melayu untuk semua! (Malay language for all)

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    Bahasa Melayu untuk semua! (Malay language for all)

    Salam sejahtera semua!

    Saya lihat tiada topik untuk bahasa Melayu di sini. Jadi saya ingin mulakan dahulu. Harap ia akan mendapat perhatian para penutur bahasa ibunda bahasa Melayu dan yang menggunakannya sebagai bahasa kedua atau ketiga. Sama-sama kita berbincang tentang penulisan dalam bahasa Melayu hendaknya.


    Good day all!

    I see no topic in Malay language. So I decided to start it first. Hope more native speaker or who are able to read this fluently able to discuss it here. Lets us cherish this great forum!

    note: I'm a native language speaker of Malay language. My writing mostly have errors in grammars because in Malaysia, laymen actually speak Manglish. I'm here to upgrade my Manglish to English. I hope I got you guys support here.

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    Smile Malaysian

    Hello everyone!!!

    I'm an aspiring novelist. I write about friendship, relationship, at times social oddity and my characters are often multi-cultural. My works usually blur between the literary and commercial means. I've started querying the first batch of literary agents since mid-May for my book - One Maple Summer.

    I look forward to talk to everyone...
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