Reading about elves and dwarves got me thinking about D&D and RPGs in general. I used to play D&D a lot in my early twenties and thirties, other RPGs too.

If there is one thing I've realized during my RPG glory days is that everyone has a slew of RPG victories and horror stories.

Everything from making it through the Temple of Elemental Evil in one piece to playing with a DM (or player) who made you want to stab your eyes out with small, gnome-sized butter knives.

For me, I had a great group for a while. Lots of roleplaying, intrigue. Modules weren't the "end all" of play, but had storylines connected to them. Great group dynamics. Great players. Everyone was up to something (lots of note-passing and such). Political drama. Even some romance.

A highlight for me was when one of my characters found out that her father (once a glorious paladin) had become a deathknight and she had to take him out. Awesome character arc.

Lows for me include DMs that rely too heavily on modules (all hack-and-slash), or, DMs who like to torture their players to the point of making it really miserable for everyone. For example, my (then) BF and I answered a D&D ad and went to play with a new DM who made us all roll up dwarves. We HAD to be dwarves. Okay. Fine. Then he told me I couldn't be a female because he didn't allow female characters in his adventures (they would get raped). We were all level 1 and he kept throwing level 3-4 goblins at us.

We were all knocked unconscious and tied up by the goblins. He would let us try to escape, only to have another group of goblins come along and knock us out again. Literally 5 hours of of this.

Anyway, share the good and the bad.