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Thread: 1st person present/3rd person limited past POVs in one novel

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    1st person present/3rd person limited past POVs in one novel

    In my WIP, I have two POV characters. POV1 ends up "possessing" POV2's body. When POV1 possesses POV2's body, she receives POV2's memories...and so POV2 is written in the past, while POV1 happens in the present. But because I arrange the story chronologically, the POV switches happen prior to the body merging, though POV1 doesn't "know" POV2 until the merge.

    It feels natural for me to write POV1 as first person present and I'm not sure how feasible it is to write her POV as third when she does "switch" bodies with multiple existing characters. POV2 I currently have as third person limited. Both POVs are needed to tell the story properly.

    Should I rewrite one of the POVs to make the book either entirely present tense or past tense?


    POV1 : first person present
    POV2: third person limited past

    EDIT: I could feasibly write both POVs from first person POV, but I can't write both from third person POV.
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