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I am an English Language Facilitator for a very large school district in California--one of the largest in the nation. This year, the state of California is giving us a grant to be utilized for early advanced and advanced English learners (majority are Hispanic, some are Vietnamese or other).

What I am wondering is this:

Are there any authors/poets/illustrators/artists in the LA/San Bernardino City Districts willing to come speak to middle school students about your work? The district is willing to buy a set number of copies or your novel/work should you choose to come speak to about 50-60 students. It doesn't matter whether you are traditionally published or self-published. The works can be for children or teens (MG and YA)

The district prefers the work to be multi-cultural in nature and/or written by someone of an ethnic background (Hispanic, Asian, etc.).

And does anyone know of another place I can post this question that is as reputable as AW (I obviously can't just promote on Craig's List or anything because of safety issues).

Thank you so much if you are able to help out!!