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Thread: Short Scripts $30 5-10 pages [Payment $30 for 5-10pgs]

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    Arrow Short Scripts $30 5-10 pages [Payment $30 for 5-10pgs]

    I am buying well written short scripts of any genre to produce for my reel. The scripts should be written to a budget of less than $250. You may e-mail any script(s) to I don't need a query e-mail, just send it as a .pdf

    Examples of things with budgets that are too high are:
    On horseback
    At the beach or in water
    Spiders spinning webs
    Destroying a kitchen

    Yes I've gotten these. Please just consider this to be a fun no budget project that will get produced and you will be credited. Once again ANY GENRE is acceptable but you have to keep in mind a full on production budget that includes post production. So if you can't shoot it with 0 connections for $250, then I can't shoot it with massive connections. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me or visit

    Purchase Rights:
    I would like to purchase outright, I am not interested in licensing. I need to be able to own the material so I can produce when funds, and time permit.

    At this time I have no deadline as I do not anticipate making offers to acquisition until mid January 2013. I do have an analyst that reads all submissions that are properly formatted.

    Questions you might have:
    Why outright? I am looking to build my reel for my production company. I'm not in a position to option stuff and license stuff, etc. I am a start up so for any of you that are in the same boat you know that you have to do things when you have money and time off from the 9 to 5.

    Will I be credited? I will credit you based on

    If you use the screenplay and modify it less than 50%, credit me the following way:
    Screenplay by
    M. Robert Turnage,
    [Your name]
    If you use the screenplay and modify it between 51 and 90%, credit me the following way:
    Screenplay by
    [Your name]
    M. Robert Turnage,
    If you use the screenplay and modify it more than 90%, credit me the following way:
    Original story by
    M. Robert Turnage,
    What kind of scripts are you looking for?
    Anything low budget.

    I know $30 isn't a lot of money considering you make about 30,000 in the union writing a tv script, but I am actually looking for something really good. The thing I am going for is doing good work. I'm not in it for the money. You scoff, but I am an accountant by day, this journey I am on is really a way for me to express myself creatively and provide a place where new artists (writers, actors, directors, composers, etc) can come to with an open door policy and say here is my stuff, can we get it produced so I can get my name out there. That is really what I am about. I have no investors. This is all funded by me. I do my own websites, I do my own IT, I do my own bookkeeping (oh I line produce by the way for co-producers credit), I do my own networking, marketing, etc. I'll get off my soap box now. Because I can feel another 15 pages wanting to spew out.

    I would love to produce stuff like the short Inside.
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