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Thread: RIP Charles Durning

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    In Honor of Peter Tomich,USS Utah Komnena's Avatar
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    RIP Charles Durning

    Decorated World War II veteran and actor Charles Durning has passed.
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    Hounds of Justice mrsvalkyrie's Avatar
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    Loved this man. He was a great actor and I'm sure a great man as well.

    Home for the Holidays-- he was great in that. Made me cry at the end when the daughter is walking away.

    He was also in a beautiful episode of NCIS. I can't remember what the episode is called, but it was so touching.

    I'll never forget you, Charles! RIP.
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    Miss Conceived Liralen's Avatar
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    One of my favorite shows ever -- Evening Shade. He was a phenomenal talent and brought so many characters to life but Dr. Harlan Eldridge was . . .
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