Hi everyone,

I was looking at some threads here and made a little search and I figured out that the most of your blogs are about writing or fiction published (and that's perfectly normal, we're in a writers forum). Personally, I prefer fiction just in my own first language (Portuguese). I don't know, it's the opposite of what I read here - Portuguese people that rather write (and probably read) in English. Maybe that's because I'm not very good at it. I don't like English, to be honest.

So, I was just thinking in found some non-fiction blogs, about, for example, Society, Culture, Economics, Politics, etc. In the last weeks I was searching to new blogs to read to inspire me to think and write about new topics, either in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Maybe even to translate some good posts into my blog.

If you want to put your links here, I'll be glad in read and comment your creations, thoughts and ideas - or even know you better (I'm new here, as you easily confirm).

(PS: If I write some errors in English, you're free to correct me. I'm always available to learn.)