I notice that a number of military veterans have posted in this forum, so I'll try my question here. Also, please excuse me if I'm vague on details but given that my question is about the risk of revealing classified information, I think you'll understand.

Many years ago, as an enlisted E-5 technician I worked closely with airborne nuclear weapons. My unit was involved in a very dangerous confrontation with the Soviets, one that could have been catastrophic.

Many years after leaving the service I thought I'd write a personal account of this experience for a favorite spiritual magazine. Before I did that, however, I went to a veteran's forum and without revealing much more than I have here, asked if I might still be restricted by military security regulations. (I had a Secret clearance.) I do know that the broader facts about the incident were declassified after 25 years but nothing I've read mentions specific weapons or other details.

I got a quick reply on that forum from a former officer who strongly advised me to shut up and
forget it.

A long time has now passed. I don't want to be paranoid but military conditioning dies hard. I can't just shrug off the security issue and take a chance.

What do you think?