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Thread: Well, this was perhaps the most annoying thing I've ever read.

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    Well, this was perhaps the most annoying thing I've ever read.

    The only reason this is worth mentioning is because it's the 6th hit if you google "Absolute Write." It rates our site at a 1.4 out of 5 stars.

    It's clear to me that this is a place where the people who get banned for being asshats go to complain about Absolute Write. They even explain why in some of their "sob stories" such as registering only to post once or twice only for the purposes of self-promotion, then throw a hissy fit when they get their thread locked. Normally, I'd write this off, but it seems only 18 reviews were posted, almost all of them by pure tossers. It shows an extremely one-sided view of the site.

    I've gone ahead and registered with that site to post a 5 star review of Absolute Write under the name Matthew H.
    If you're up to it and feel it's warranted, I'd encourage anyone else to do the same. Don't lie - just give it a more balanced perspective. Not everyone who reviews it should be some imbecile with a grudge.

    Mods, if this isn't an appropriate place for this thread, I apologize. Move it wherever you see fit. Thanks.
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