This is my second book and I thought I had covered every angle - started marketing it way ahead of time. Got several pre-release reviews up on Amazon, started doing guest blogs about two weeks ahead of time. The book released a week and a half ago and as of today, I've done 22 guest blogs (and some of these blogs have 800+ followers). I've got 29 reviews on Goodreads (average rating 4.08) and 20 reviews on Amazon (average 4.03). Nothing too negative. I've got a quote on the cover from a bestselling author. 148 people on Goodreads have added the book. But sales are slow, slow, slow. Like one every other day.

Any suggestions on anything else I could be doing to get this book moving? Or is it just a matter of bad timing - school shooting and then Christmas? If that's the case, did I miss my window or should I expect things to improve after the holiday hoopla? I purposefully chose December to release it because I read somewhere that Dec. is the best month for a book to release. Hm.

Also, I'm wondering how important rankings are to the average Amazon customer, the non-authors. Do you think they notice them? I wonder if people are seeing my rating in the 100Ks and thinking, "oh, that's not good" and moving on, and what I need is for it to be consistently under 50K or something.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sucky situation - I've been devoting 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week to marketing this thing for the past 3 months. Endless googling, researching, compiling a database, contacting reviewers, emailing back and forth, writing marketing material, writing blogs on all sorts of topics (more than 40 of them. My blog tour picks back up in January), reading/supporting/reviewing/commenting for other authors, reviewers and bloggers. The list goes on. It's been 3 months of soul-destroying, mind numbing work and I would hate to think that it's all been for nothing.