Hey folks,

Please forgive me if I come across as a total noob here. I've written erotica off and on for almost twenty years now, but only recently decided to try and earn a nickle off it. The spatula hand is getting a little weary, if you get my drift, and I can't let my thirties turn into my forties without at least trying something different.

I just finished my first edit of a self-contained 20k word M/F/M/F group scene, and am having a little trouble figuring out where to go with it. While it is--on some levels--an extensive sex story, each character is developed individually and exhaustively over the course of the narrative: who they are, how they happened into the experience, how they relate to it and each other, and what it means to them and their personal growth. In some ways I see it as more a character study than a sex scene, although the sex itself is constantly present and relevant to the discourse.

The trouble is, I have no idea if there's a market for such a thing. Ideally, I see it as the first episode in a serial. I have another hundred thousand words worth of shorts involving these same characters, written down in various states of disarray, and could easily pop them out in 20k(ish) installments. Is serialized erotica an option without self-publishing, or am I looking at this the wrong way? Would it be a better investment, over the long haul, to take all the other material and mold it out into a novel (or a collection of shorts)?

Thanks for any advice,