I want to make a photo book to sell on Amazon. Was thinking of 100 copies or so. Not trying to make $ with book. Just trying to preserve some of my photos.

My wife and DIL will trash my photos when I kick off...they hate my photography. Just trying to preserve some of the images before they end up in the dumpster.

Book size about 10 x 12 landscape. Maybe 65 images, high quality BW. Hardcover. I have a good book title and cover design. (Book is about Hollywood 1970's..the dark side.)

Was hoping to spend maybe $1500 on the project.

Is this a doable project as I have listed it? Any printers you can rec to use?

I can post link to some of my pix. But some of them are nudes and don't want to rock the boat if they are an issue here.

Suffice it to say, my work is high grade, interesting and I have a few photos in museums around the country. So my photography is not in question, the only question for me is the best way to get it done.