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Thread: Am I too much of a dreamer to pull this off?

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    Question Am I too much of a dreamer to pull this off?

    I do apologize if this is in the wrong place.

    Hello Awers,
    I've been thinking of making a forum for my home region in the new year and have no idea where to begin and I'd like to have it up and running in the new year.
    I had the idea to make this for a while and recently my writing group has drifted apart and no one is showing any interest (other than myself) in getting together any time soon, so I thought maybe putting the forum up would help gather fellow writers and make it easier to form groups/contacts closer to home.

    And now to my questions, what kind of content should I have on my new forum and how do I attract members?
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    The AW forums have a regional meet and greet area.
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    Also try

    I've built/run forums before. It's not easy to make them successful. There are so many other resources for finding people to write with that I'd be hesitant to jump into creating a new one, especially if you have the kind of basic questions that you asked in the OP.
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