My mom is NOT cut out for self publishing. It is expensive and the money to market her book she cannot afford. She spent years writing her book, she's not young, works full time despite serious medical issues, she's not in a position to really pursue this route the way it needs to be.

But, she did not get any agents nor publishers to take an interest. She sent hundreds and hundreds of query letters and a bunch even came back non deliverable. This was a few years ago. Only one place took some interest, after 6 months she called to ask the status. Nothing ever came of it.

I am really bummed. I want to help my mom, but I haven't even gotten my own show out there. I am kind of overwhelmed and exhausted.

She said she will go the Amazon route, not that she knows anything about it. But first she has to find an illustrator for the cover. My concern is that without the marketing it will just sit there and she will get so depressed when people don't buy. But she's 60's, she doesn't do FB and Twitter and that crap. I try to stay away from it but realizing now I need it for my own project, ugh yuck. And she's not a blogger, she's tired after 10 hour days at work. She's not remotely tech saavy, at all. Not that I am, but I know the basics, not enough though.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions before I try to help her on top of my own projects? I honestly wish she could have gotten interest because her book is so unique and interesting. Naturally she feels that working on her book 7 years is enough. But sadly that's not how it works. I am wondering if I should start sending out her query? If so, I'd need to find a list of current agents and those who bring in the money. I forget the site that shows this info? So much stuff here hasn't applied to me as someone writing for TV, so I sometimes miss things.

Thank you in advance, sorry for the rambling, sorry for the venting, I am a bit stressed seeing my mom so very down. I hate feeling helpless.