After a brilliant beginning, the story launches into a lot of backstory, which is necessary to explain why Hannah is being punished as a red. But the backstory also includes quite a bit on Cole, Becca's husband. Maybe as much as twenty pages. Obviously, this was to set up Hannah running to Becca's place once Hannah left the Straight Path Center.

Hillary Jordan could've provided this backstory while Hannah was en route to Becca's, but instead she included the backstory much earlier on. Why do you think she did this? My guess is that if Jordan had provided the backstory while Hannah was en route, the story would've felt less real. That the Jordan was making up something to create tension on the fly.

But Jordan paid a price. I got really bored hearing about Cole so early on in the story and for so many pages. I almost stopped reading.

So, why did you think Jordan made the choice she did, and do you think it was a wise one?