In February 2012 I was hired by to write content for their website. I was referred to them by a website developer I had worked with several times.

I interviewed Elena, the principle person in the company and wrote the copy, which was followed by a revision. It was then posted on their Home Page and repeated on the About Us page. I submitted an invoice for $130.00. She said it was higher than she expected, but that she would pay it and asked me to give her time to do so. I said okay.

But as time passed, she continued to put me off with the excuse that business was bad until I finally decided this was simply a ploy. I confirmed this when I contacted the website developer and learned that still owed him money too.

I finally submitted an official complaint on the U.S. Department of Justice website. I was interviewed by a law enforcement officer who then contacted and informed them they needed to pay for the content on their site.

And they still havenít paid.

Although they recently removed my content from their Home Page, it is still on the About page.

I can live without the $130.00. But it is completely unacceptable to me that continues to illegally publish my content on their website. It amazes me they have this level of audacity--even to defy a law enforcement officer!

I would like others to know about the unethical behavior of I donít recommend anyone doing business with them. Perhaps if this story circulates the Internet they might discover that seo can be both positive and negative.