Per Publishers' Weekly Childrens' Bookshelf:

Georgia McBride of Month9Books has acquired, and Courtney Koschel will edit, Tinderbox, a Gothic tale by debut author Sarah Bromley, about 16-year-old Vayda Silver's attempts to bury her family's scandalous past, and the boy who just might destroy her future. Publication is scheduled for fall 2014; Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

Guys, I wish I could tell you all that went in to getting this deal. I wrote this book in Fall/Winter 2008. Querying this book did NOT land me an agent. It had a lot of "so close, I love it, but no." I did and R&R that freakin' ruined the book, and I shelved it. After I signed with Miriam, I brought it back out and rewrote it the way I wanted it to be. We took it on sub a month before my baby was due. That baby is now 19 months old.

Yeah, that's how long it took. But it happened, and it happened with a hell of a lot of persistence and belief from my agent and me that something was going to happen. I knew it was a good book, and I am extremely proud of it and am thrilled to work with the folks from Month9Books.