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1. Generally, I'd take answers in any form of "How much of [X unconventional device] is too much?"-type thread with a grain—or maybe even an entire quarry—of salt. It depends so much on how well it's executed. There are a number of devices I've come to enjoy where if you'd've asked me, "Could this ever work?" before I read it being used well, I'd've said, "No that'd be annoying." I don't trust my own speculation here. And I don't trust anyone else's.

2a. Internet chat itself has never annoyed me at all. Over-stylized textspeak full of abbreviations and acronyms has. But I'd attribute the latter mostly to the author's clearly trying to seem hip and cool and all like "OMG I'M DOWN WITH 1337SPEEK LOL (THAT MEANS LOTS OF LOVE!)," instead of keeping in mind that textspeak, like any dialect of any language, has to abide by certain rules: among other things, it should serve a purpose beyond class distinction, and its neologisms and stylistic quirks should have their own histories. They don't just pop fully-formed out of the ether.

2b. The example in your OP is horrid, and reading even two lines of it annoyed me, so this isn't speculation: that would annoy me. But that's bad chatspeak. If you want to create a stylized texting dialect, you should probably put a shitload of effort into making sure it's logical and self-consistent and of quality. Treat it like a character.

3. And you don't exactly have to be conspicuously text-speaky or whatever. In game chats, for instance, all I ever drop is initial capitalization (except for I) and terminal punctuation (except for ?). Beyond that, I often split longer sentences up over multiple lines by hitting "enter" once or twice midway through.

4. Aside from the sort of subtle things in #3 and outside of individuals' quirks, the defining characteristics of chatspeak—at least in the internet communities I'm a part of that use it—are rarely orthographic. It's not good --> gud. It's not alright --> alrite. It's not heavy use of abbreviation. It's specific responses in certain classes of situations that snowball into localized memes. For example, use of a certain semi-rare emoticon—and never any other—to indicate praise. There are probably better examples but I'm sleepy! I might edit those in later. Anyway, gl.

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