Currently, I'm writing an MS about two boys who cosplay, live online, fall in love, etc. Cosplay (for those who don't know) is costume play...basically dressing up as characters and going to conventions or being a model for companies or just having photoshoots or meetups.

Since they do a lot of their communication via internet through chatting ,blog replies and text messages, I wondered how to go about writing it? I've only read a few stories that had chat logs in it, and it was like

username: alrite! sounds gud 8D
username2: cool ttyl.

so and so signed off. ]

but would this possibly get a little annoying especially if the messages got long-winded?

the second part of my question related to the roleplaying/cosplaying aspect. Should I avoid using real licensed characters (ie Mario, Link, etc) in favor of made up ones? Can you even get in trouble for using/mentioning licensed characters?

thanks in advance. I think my questions are sort of weird. Sorry for that!