I'll make this brief because hopefully it won't take a lot of explaining. I am a member of another forum that has the same software as this one uses; they look exactly the same other than the topics and whatnot. On that forum (and on a lot of other fora, even ones that have a slightly different interface), if I post in a thread, it is automatically added to my subscriptions and I will see when new posts are made.

On this website, though, if I go to my user CP it says "There are no subscribed threads to display in this folder for this time period." Okay, that's fine, no new posts. However, if I click on "View all subscribed threads," it says there are zero.

So, basically, the short version of this is: do I need to manually subscribe to any thread I post in, or am I having some kind of glitch? Is the answer to that question the same for threads I start versus those I just participate in?

I did do some searching for this as not to duplicate a question but I could not find it. Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I apologize if this has been answered before and I simply missed it.

Thanks in advance...