I envy those anti-clutter people who can throw a Christmas card, birthday card or a baby announcement in the trash basket after reading it. I can't. It is a struggle to throw them out even months after the season but I force myself because I am descended from a long line of cat ladies and shoe box hoarders. Still, in my desk drawer there is a box of cards that have made it through seven moves and seven card purges.

I was looking at my very favorite last night. It was sent to my husband, a fourth grade teacher, maybe twenty years ago. It is in a bill envelope. The card is hand lettered and hand drawn. I have to handle it carefully because five quarters are still taped to the inside. The card says, in #2 lead pencil, " Merry Christmas and have a beer on me, Mr. Smith." It is signed Jose and there is a hand drawn picture of a frothy stein of beer on the cover.

I don't know whatever happened to Jose. He must be close to forty. I hope he is doing well somewhere, living a relatively sober life. I'd love to thank him for this piece of joy that he dropped on his favorite teacher but I can't, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Anyone have a card to share?