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Thread: New Paranormal Romance/Thriller

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    New Paranormal Romance/Thriller

    My new paranormal romance/thriller Colton Manor is now available on Amazon.

    Art student Ursula St Clare is less than thrilled when she is forced to spend her summer break alone in a chilly, isolated mansion perched on the edge of a cliff. When a neighbour warns her that the house is haunted, Ursula decides to lease out a room in the hope that some human company will help keep the ghosts at bay.

    Science professor Damien Knight is self-proclaimed sceptic when it comes to all things supernatural. He needs somewhere to stay while his house is being renovated, and Ursula is instantly attracted to the sexy older man. She entertains thoughts of a summer fling with her new housemate, but it isn’t long before Damien starts acting very strangely, and Ursula begins to fear for her safety.

    Has she let a dangerous, unstable man into the house, or is it Colton Manor and its evil legacy which is causing him to behave so bizarrely? And what does Shakespeare have to do with it all?

    Colton Manor is 37,000 words in length.
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