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mellymel, thank you for your feedback. My agent is aware. The novels I wrote (and I am currently submitting) were written before her and I got on board. We signed up together under a completely different novel. But we have spoken about it, and agree to sell the ones that fail to find homes eventually.
I don't understand. When you get an agent it's not suppose to (generally) be about one project. S/he is suppose to represent you and your writing career, not just sign you up for one book because s/he thinks s/he can sell that one and then you have to fend for yourself with all your other projects. Are these MSS projects she has specifically expressed to you that she has no interest in representing? If so, what was her reason?

Just curious, and want to make sure you are being fairly represented in the way you should be. Hopefully this will all get sorted out with your agent. GL!