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Thank you for replying, Erotica. Can I also ask: what about individual authors? Most reviewing sites also cater to individual authors. Will that be on offer?
I anticipate that we will feature individual authors going forward but this will be to showcase new talent rather than established names.

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You might want to look at the transatlantic site www.eroticarevealed.com , which has a corps of experienced reviewers and operates on a similar basis to yours. I doubt they want extra review work, but it might be worth contacting them for some names.
Thank you - I'll take a look.

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I am curious. The site also accepts fiction and take perpetual rights including for anthology inclusion.

But no mention of payment there either.
That section is speculative at this point. We're still only at phase one of redevelopment. The general idea will be for members to submit short stories, or serials, for feedback and developmental support, and to encourage people who have potential with a view to featuring their work and supporting fledgling careers. We have close links to several erotic fiction publishers, so there is a lot of room to expand on this.