Hello erotica lovers.

I'm dropping by to share information about Erotica UK's erotic fiction reviewer competition/residency with you in the hope that we'll find the right person for the job among you. Competition page: http://erotica-uk.com/erotic-fiction...r-competition/

We began our Book of the Month feature in September, when the website was relaunched as a resource for the adult lifestyle community. The feature, which is run in association with Xcite Books, is proving very popular already but we don't get have any reviews set up, which I believe would finish our coverage of each new release nicely.

We're looking for one reliable person who loves their erotica and takes it seriously - someone who can write well and can articulate exactly why our readers should pick up a copy. Erotica UK doesn't profit from the sales of these books - our Book of the Month section is purely there to entertain and inform. For the right person, this would be a great hobby and a way to gain exposure as an erotic fiction expert.

Please send any enquiries or submissions to contact@erotica-uk.com. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

I haven't been here in a while so excuse me if I'm placing this in the wrong area.