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Thread: 2013 Video Game Wish List

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    impostor syndrome! lilyWhite's Avatar
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    2013 Video Game Wish List

    With 2012 coming to a close, it's time to look forwards to a new year of video games (provided that the Reapers don't arrive on the 21st... ). I'm wondering what games people are looking forwards to in the new year, what releases we're all especially excited for.

    The game on top of my list is definitely Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and seeing Lightning's new default outfit has only made me more eager. (And as soon as a cleaner picture of it comes out, will probably become my avatar on most of the sites I use.)

    And I've recently found a Nerd Appropriate article on Fuse, a new game from Insomniac Studios for the PS3 and Xbox 360. From the information and trailer on the page, it looks like a combination between Mass Effect and Borderlands. Plus Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis are the voices for the two female player characters. =^_^=
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    practical experience, FTW Shadow Dragon's Avatar
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    Watch Dogs and Last of Us are probably the two I'm most looking forward to next year.
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    practical experience, FTW
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    Jul 2010
    Lightning Returns is definitely up there, even though ffxiii and 2 are not my favourite of the franchise, they are such beautiful games I'm eager for more (and the hd remaster of ffx!). Last of Us looks awesome, hadn't heard of Fuse but just looked at the link and it does look intriguing. Not heard of many RPG's in the works though and that's where my interests lie really. Hopefully they'll be some good stuff that I just haven't heard of yet :-)
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    Moderator AW Moderator Sophia's Avatar
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    Dragon Age III, for me, which may be out in autumn 2013. I'm keeping my expectations for it very, very, very low, but still, it's my gaming event for the upcoming year.

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    Indecisive Noodle KateSmash's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Ni No Kuni, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us for sure. Still really on the fence about DA3, so I'll reserve enthusiasm until there's more/better information out there.

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    Fantasy Smut? Yes please! Anjasa's Avatar
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    I'm most excited for Pikmin 3 Most other games I'm looking forward to probably won't be out until end of 2013, early 2014. I'm sure I'll buy more games in 13, but Pikmin is top o' the list!

    Playing Nintendo Land gave me such nostalgia for it.

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    The King Who Bore the Sword J.W. Alden's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    PBC, Florida
    Looking forward to Watch Dogs, The Last of Us, GTA 5, Dragon Age 3 and Bioshock Infinite.
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    Hoopy frood JimmyB27's Avatar
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    Dishonored 2?
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    Writing Anarchist DeleyanLee's Avatar
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    Chalk up another one for Watch Dogs. It looks interesting.

    I'm seriously hoping there is not another Assassin's Creed next year. The franchise needs a rest, as much as I adore it.
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