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OOOooh, exciting big decisions. I'm totally new to submitting/publishing and therefore incredibly curious: how long ago did you try submitting? How many agents did you query? Good luck with whatever you end up deciding!
Well, there aren't a lot of agents/publishers in Australia, and I only submitted in Australia. Probably... 4 or 5 agents, and 6 or 7 publishers. Some of them were quite small presses, and I never got asked for the full novel. (Typically they wanted 2 or 3 chapters up front anyway.)

The best I did was the first place I submitted to, an agent. They were a big deal agency, and my submission got taken to a group meeting to decide whether they wanted it or not. It got voted down, not sure how much by, but according to various AWers, getting that far was an achievement of its own.

ETA: Oh, and the submissions ranged from probably late 2009 through to early 2012. I had terrible submission fright, and kept putting it off, doing one at a time if any. This time, if I do submit again (which I think I will), I'll submit to every agent on my list, wait for them to get back to me, if no takers, then submit to every publisher on my list. So basically 2 rounds of submissions, with 5+ subs per round. Much quicker way of doing things, even if it is nerve-wracking.

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Considering it's halfway into January, I probably shouldn't even bother with challenging myself this month with JanNo, but I've always failed in the past with NaNoWriMo and maybe it's about time to really push myself. I've done a heck of a lot of plot kinks and outlining for my current MS Ghost Girl. I have about 40K left to write. So if I write 2,666 words/day, I could hit the mark! Whilst 2,666 is about 11 pages long, I think it's within reach. Wish me luck! And, of course, good luck to all of you.
Good luck, and welcome to the madness!